Child-friendly divorce

Meike and Sabien each view and question your situation from their own expertise; we complement each other as mediator and attorney-mediator. 

A child talk is part of the mediation. In order to do this in the best and purest way, Meike has received additional training in this. Both Meike and Sabien have followed the KIES training at the expertise center Child and Divorce.
Do the children need extra guidance? We work closely with children's coaches. Or do either of you need extra guidance? Our network offers these possibilities. Everyone we work with has the child and your well-being at 1.


Your mediation process starts with a free, no-obligation introductory meeting with Sabien or Meike. Together we will make an initial inventory of important issues and discuss our working method and fees. Together we determine whether there is sufficient trust to start the mediation process.

Mediation sessions

The turnaround time of a mediation process within our practice averages 3 half-days. 
Research shows that a number of factors strongly determine the success of mediation. One of these is the ability to quickly reach a solution that is acceptable to everyone. We therefore offer mediation on a half-day basis where you are guided by both of us. 
Together you get to the heart of the matter and do not have to stop because the time of your session is up; there is time to discuss what is going on and what is needed. You will receive a short report of each session.

Making good agreements and recording them in a parenting plan and covenant

All important matters that need to be arranged such as care and access arrangements, co-parenting, finances, housing and anything else of importance are discussed under our supervision. We record the agreements when you both agree.

Legal procedure

We discuss the draft parenting plan and divorce agreement with you and submit them to the court if you agree. We handle the entire legal process, including registration in the municipal personal records database. You do not have to go to court yourself. We will keep you informed and inform you when everything has been finalized.


Issues such as changes in the financial situation, new partners or agreements that don't work well in practice can lead to new discussions between ex-partners. Do you recognize this? Come together again; as ex-partners or as parents. This is also possible with us, regardless of whether you have followed the mediation process in child-friendly divorce.


During your relationship, patterns have developed in how you talked and interacted with each other. These patterns may continue to exist after the divorce, with all the frustration that this entails. We uncover what is happening and help you on your way to a new way of communicating as parents.

Changed agreements

Divorce is a turbulent time.  It happens, that agreements you made at the time of the divorce turn out not to be feasible. Or due to changes in a situation they need to be reviewed and perhaps adjusted.

If you want to come to an agreement together

Coming to an agreement together is always preferable to a procedure. Aftercare through Child Friendly Divorce can be the solution for you.