Child-friendly divorce

Meike en Sabien bekijken en bevragen jullie situatie elk vanuit eigen expertise; we vullen elkaar aan als mediator en advocaat-mediator. 

A conversation with the children is part of the mediation. To do this in the best and most pure way, Meike has received additional training. Both Meike and Sabien have both completed the KIES training.

Do the children need extra supervision? We work closely with child coaches. Or do you need extra guidance, or do you need one of your own? Our network offers these possibilities. Everyone we work with puts the child and your well-being first.


Your mediation process starts with a free and non-binding introductory meeting with Sabien or Meike. Together we make an initial inventory of important points and discuss our working method and rate with you. Together we check whether there is sufficient confidence to start the mediation process.

Mediation talks

The duration of a mediation process within our practice lasts on average 3 half days. Research has shown that a number of factors strongly determine the success of mediation. One of them is to quickly arrive at a solution that is acceptable to everyone. We offer mediation per half day where you are guided by Sabien and Meike.
You get to the core together and don't have to stop because your session is out of time; there is time to discuss what is going on and what is needed. You will receive a short report of each conversation.

Making good agreements and recording them in a parenting plan and covenant

You will discuss all important matters that need to be arranged such as care and access arrangements, co-parenting, finances, housing and what else is important under our guidance. We will record the agreements when you both agree.

Juridical procedure

We will discuss the draft parenting plan and divorce agreement with you and, if you agree, submit it to the court. We take care of the entire legal settlement up to and including registration in the municipal database. You don't have to go to court yourself. We will inform you when everything is ready.


Topics such as changes in the financial situation, new partners or agreements that do not work well in practice can lead to new discussions between ex-partners. Do you recognize this? Get in touch again; as ex-partners or as parents. This is also possible with us, regardless of whether you have followed the mediation process for child-friendly divorce.


During your relationship, patterns developed in how you talked and interacted with each other. It is possible that these patterns continue to exist after the divorce, with all the frustration that entails. We expose what is happening and help you on your way to a new way of communicating as parents.

Changed appointment

A divorce process is characterized as a turbulent time. It happens that agreements that you made at the time of the divorce turn out to be unfeasible. Or, due to changes in a situation, it may need to be reconsidered and may need to be adjusted.

If you want to get it together

Reaching agreements together is always preferable to a procedure. Aftercare through Child Friendly Divorce can offer you the solution.