A team that takes children into account

Meike Sjouerman


I work as a family mediator and I am aware that divorce is first and foremost a relationship issue. Where your relationship as partners comes to an end, you will always remain parents of your children together..

Because life-changing events can cause quite a bit of unrest, it is my motivation to properly guide partners who are on the verge of divorce.
In this process we pay attention and time to the future relationship between you as divorced parents and your relationship with the children. As a mediator, I am outspokenly biased towards the children.

Divorce through mediation calls on people's own strength, without an external authority such as a judge imposing the solution.

I am convinced, from experience, that it is possible to break up in such a way that you can continue to look at yourself in the mirror during the divorce process. That together you can come to an interpretation of parenthood that makes you feel good.
We help you to continue to see the best interests of the child. We do this with great understanding for you and everyone involved.

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Sabien Kneepkens

Lawyer Mediator

I specialize in family law and work as a family lawyer and mediator.

I understand that a divorce is always a personal process that involves emotions. In this process I help you to keep an eye on the impact of decisions you make. Not only in the here and now, but also the effect that a decision can have in the long term.
Due to my background as a lawyer, I am able to answer your questions from the legal perspective in an honest and understandable way.

When children are involved in a divorce, the best interests of the child are paramount. I focus on the needs of the child and explore ways with you to continue shaping parenthood together.

I have been a family lawyer since 2006, lawyer-mediator since 2016 and aspiring member of the Vfas, the largest specialist association in the field of family law.

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